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Mrs. Massey's Preschool Class

          Welcome to Mrs. Massey’s pre-k corner, where learning and fun collide. I am beyond excited to be teaching your child this year and I am honored to be a part of such an awesome school.   We are off to a GREAT start. We will be learning lots of new things this year and I look forward to each new day and the adventures along the way.

            Check here often as I will update parents occasionally on what your child is learning currently. Did you know letters live in houses? I won’t give away all our secrets, but listen each day as your child tells what he or she has learned at school. We are learning our sounds of our letters as well as recognizing them. In their Friday folders you will find flashcards for the letters we have learned in class so far. Keep them handy and review them with your child.

** If you have a career, special interest, or talent you would like to share with our class, please contact me and we can set up a time for you to stop by. Show & Tell Friday- Your child may bring an interesting object or share an experience to practice speaking in front of the class on Fridays. I love to see their excitement each week!


Current Typical class schedule

            Each day we start with Pledges, prayer, music and our Bible lesson. I am sure you will hear many of our songs throughout your evenings and mornings. I would love to encourage you to help your child learn their Bible verse each week as they will be tested each Friday morning. Make note cards with the verse and place them around your house to help. Bible time is the most important part of our day and is the first subject taught each day. We begin by telling stories through the Old Testament to the New Testament.

After Bible time we transition to our Phonics time. We begin by mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds. Forming blends (a consonant and a vowel blended together to make a new sound) and reading simple words comes naturally after that.

We move from phonics to numbers. We are learning to recognize our numbers and learning to count through lots of fun and enjoyable classroom methods. Soon we will also learn to write our numbers too.

Just before snack time we spend some time on handwriting. Writing is a special time each day. K4 students are so excited to learn to write “like Mom and Dad.” Our letters live in houses and we are learning where they live. Listen for the terms upstairs, downstairs, and basement.

Now to some of their favorite parts of our day. Snack time and recess. Please send a nutritional snack to school with your child. No sodas and the less sugar the better. Also, please send jackets and warm coats depending on the weather so that your child is as comfortable as possible when we go outside for recess.

Seatwork is completed shortly after we come in from recess and rest for a few minutes.

Story Time/ Language Development- We love to learn about animals, people, and places during this time. This time encourages your child to think and will also strengthen their vocabulary and language skills.

We absolutely love art time and free play time which is typically at the end of our day.

            ***Schedule is subject to change daily and includes bathroom breaks/ water fountain breaks often. ***


~ Items that are always appreciated and used regularly in our classroom include:

            Clorox wipes

            Paper Towels

            Play- doh

            Finger Paint

            Candy (which is given periodically for good behavior/ academic accomplishment)


If you have any questions or need to contact me, please don’t hesitate to call. Please keep our school and class in your prayers throughout the year. As always, THANK YOU for sharing your bundles of joy with me each day.

            With Love,

            Kelly Massey


~Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. – Hebrews 12:2